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Bridal Bouquet  


    Bridesmaid Bouquet

From our experience and as wedding tradition dictates, the focal point of wedding floral arrangements is the bridal bouquet, from this all other bouquets, buttonholes, floral crowns, corsages, centrepieces and other floral arrangements stem. It is therefore, no wonder that brides and bridal magazines focus on the bouquet.

Given the key importance of the bridal bouquet it is highly recommended that couples seek the services of an experienced florist who knows how to minimise the risks associated with environmental conditions on flowers. Also, it ensures that the bridal party flowers work in unison to create a visually stunning effect. 




    Table Centerpiece

We also offer a wide range of table centrepieces (also known as table arrangements), which are ideal for Weddings, Corporate Events, Birthday Parties, Anniversary, Engagements, Christenings and other memorable events. 

Table centrepieces are essential decorative pieces, which help to brighten the mood and set the theme of an event.

Floral and Candle table centrepieces are the most popular for weddings and other functions and we aim to tailor our centrepieces to compliment the unique style and theme of your event (whilst not detracting from the main aim of the game), ranging from simple minimalism to an extravagant affairs.

         Ceremony Arc


Urn Arrangment